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Singles vs Combo tips

Here we have posted a few important rules that you should follow when you start with sports betting:

1. Never bet with your whole budget on single match.

2. Avoid betting on matches with big favorite or odds under 1.20-1.30 . Many times this cause big losses for bettors.

3. Avoid betting on your favorite teams.

4. It’s better to bet with singles, not combo.

5. We recommend to bet on 2-3 singles instead of only 1. This works as little insurance (it’s less possible to lose all bets).

6. It’s better to avoid regular 1 X 2 system. Your chance for victory in a long period is 33.33% , for bookmakers is 66.66% (just mathematics).

7. Use sports forums. You’ll be surprised how much information you can find there.

8. Follow advice of experienced tipsters and punters (These are the people who deal professionally with it and devote all his time to do it).

9. Check out odds before making bet, check out odds movement too (Pinnacle and Bet365).

10. Favorite bookmaker – One of the most important things in responsible betting is to find the best odds in the game. You would not see the difference in your bank account immediately but if you calculate your stakes and wins in long period of time you will find bigger profits.

11. Do not bet under the influence of emotions, alcohol or drugs – These 3 things can make you lose control over your money and time.

13. Cash-out often – If you have much money in your account there is a big risk to lose them. Cash-out more often for enjoying their value.

14. Do not make fast deposits after losses – If you lose your stake just stop and take a break. You need to refresh your mind and then to make a decision.